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BSA Covid Policy

Handling of Health Risks


BSA prioritizes the health and safety of its members and community, and in doing so has created this policy to define and establish a standardized approach for addressing health concerns such as COVID-19.


This policy applies to all BSA teams and team roles/members.

Process Flow

Identify Concern – Communicate Concern – Assess Concern – Communicate Required Action – Carry out Action


The BSA Board Covid Team will be tasked to monitor CDC guidelines and establish club procedures that are consistent with current guidance. These procedures will be made available to club members via the BSA website and email distribution and will be written with the purpose of instructing club teams on how to manage their individual cases.

Personal health status should be self-monitored for signs and symptoms of concern. When identified individuals should notify their Team Managers/Trainers and abstain from team activities. BSA Team Managers, Trainers and Coaches will be responsible for ensuring that self-monitoring is ongoing and will manage the health status of themselves and their respective team players, as necessary.

Upon identification of a health concern, such as a confirmed Covid case of a team member, the Trainer, Team Manager and affected players should refer to the current Covid standard operating procedure within the BSA website for guidance on required actions and length of any applicable quarantine periods. It is expected that all BSA members abide by the current procedures and can return to play once the duration of any defined quarantine has been completed.  

Policy Oversight

It will be the responsibility of the BSA Covid Team to monitor this policy and policy adherence


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