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Tryout Guidelines
These guidelines have been created to alleviate any concerns, to make the evaluation process transparent, and to clearly state the expectations of our travel teams. NO PLACES ON TEAMS ARE PREDETERMINED.

Tryouts – One part of the evaluation process
While the annual BSA travel tryouts appear to dictate what teams players will be joining, it is important to note that tryouts are NOT the only evaluation players receive. The tryout result is one part of a body of evidence that is considered when placing an existing BSA player on a team. The following formal evaluations and informal observations are considered for each BSA travel player:
1.  Fall Trainer Evaluation
2.  Spring Trainer Evaluation
3.  Tryout Result
4.  Parent Coach Evaluation and input (i.e.. commitment etc.)
A player’s practice attendance and performance as well as commitment to the team and attitude will also be taken into consideration.
•         NEW players, from outside the BSA travel program, will be evaluated by their tryout performance.


What to expect at tryouts?
Upon check-in at the field, all players will receive a T-shirt (players are never referred to by name at tryouts) and an explanation of the tryout will be given to the group.
This explanation will contain the setup of the field, the group sizes and what evaluators are looking for from the players.

The players will then go through a warm-up and be randomly separated into small groups to play (such as 4v4 to 8v8 dependent on age group).
Throughout the tryout players may be asked to switch fields either based on performance or to mix different players in with each other.
Evaluators will use clipboards to take notes on each numbered player.
They may view the same field throughout the tryout or may periodically switch fields. Evaluators may on occasion need to focus on their notes and/or interact with one another.
There will be a BSA board member present at each tryout will meet parents and tell them of the plans for the upcoming year. They can also answer any individual questions you may have,

What evaluators are looking for?
Evaluators are looking to see how each player performs in the small-sided game (as well as full-sided for U-12 & older teams during second day tryout). The players will be evaluated on the four pillars of soccer:
Technical —player’s skill on first-touch, dribbling and passing under pressure with the ball; tackling and defensive technique without the ball; Shooting and finishing technique

Tactical ---player’s use of space and knowing when to pass and when to dribble.
Physiological – player’s ability to deal with the demands of the game at full-pace. This goes beyond just size, strength and speed
Psychological - player’s reactions to game-like situations provides insight into their confidence or resilience and/or how the players interacts with his/her peers.
•         NOTE: Goalkeepers will be evaluated both individually and in a game situation. They will be evaluated on handling the ball, footwork, diving, throwing, and kicking.

What is expected if you make a team?
The BSA travel program provides players with an opportunity to play in a more competitive environment.  We have strived to maintain strong, competitive teams that participate in both competitive leagues and tournaments throughout New Jersey.  Players are expected to participate as follows.
  • Full year commitment--- Both Fall & Spring Seasons
  • Two practices per week, during the two seasons beginning in late August
  • 10 Games per season (Fall: September-November   Spring: March-June)
  • All practices and games are run by professional trainers
  • Games played on Sundays—U-8 age group games played on Saturday
  • Rescheduled games on Saturdays and mid-week
  • Some older teams (Full Sided Teams U13 to U15.) may play on Saturdays and Sundays if participating in State Cup or Club Cup competition
  • 1-2 Tournaments per season—most often but not limited to holiday weekends
  • Possible Winter & Summer training and tournaments---depending on team
  • Travel time to away games is usually 20 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on league, but for most teams in the Small Sided Teams U8 to U11 age groups, travel is typically within 40 minutes.
When can players expect to hear of the club's decision?
  • Players will usually be notified by phone but email is sometimes used.
  • U-8 players will know as soon as possible, most likely within 1 week from completion of tryouts.  Older teams may not be notified until the current season is over, probably around late May or early June.
  • Current BSA players will be notified of team selection in as timely a manner as feasible. The decision will not affect playing time during the balance of the spring season.
  • Once players have been offered a spot they have 24 hours to make a decision regarding commitment to the team.
If you have any questions about try-outs that are not answered here please contact

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