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How do I know what Soccer club/program is best for my child?


Soccer Parents,

Choosing a soccer club can be a difficult process. There can be many clubs/ programs to choose from; all claiming that they do X, Y and Z better than the others or they claim they have the area’s only "this-or-that" program, etc.                                                                                                                              

So how do you know where to set roots and grow?

Here are some hints and advice that will help you make the choice. If you were entering your child in a private school you would ask questions of that School. 

We feel it doesn’t change with an soccer environment. Below are some questions we feel that you should ask of any club or program, including ours. (Bridgewater Soccer Academy)

  1. Does the program have a history? Where are the program’s players advancing to?

  2. Does the Program develop players? or have a huge player turn over? Is it really a developmental program?

  3. What are the the staff's qualifications and experience? 

  4. Is there a curriculum/threshold/long term club plan? Ask to see it!

  5. What size are the team’s roster? (Do you want your child on a team with too many players? Ideally 10 to 12 players (small sided) or 15-18 players (larger sided)

  6. Does the club experience high turnover with its staff? Does it change every year or do they have a staff that is loyal and helping the program grow? How do those coaches conduct themselves in practices and on the sideline, this is usually a result of the clubs philosophy and education practices?

Our answers? Check here

**Lastly, we feel it’s always a great idea to ask the existing club members about their past experiences; Is the club a pressure free and enjoyable environment? Does the program have a family feel? Do the staff know your child?


Hopefully this will give you some insight in choosing a club. If you still have questions, please contact Dan Adams



Thanks Dan Adams

Director of Coaching Bridgewater Soccer Academy